The number one helper of YouTubers is video editing software. We have prepared an excellent guide for those who want to find and learn to use the best among these programs.

I’ve always wanted to try video editing software, but the fact that it cost money scared me off. But you have to admit that you don’t have to spend a dime with these great programs! That’s just great.

A video editing program is a great way to learn the ins and outs of video editing. Most of the programs I’ve used have been very easy to use and are well documented with step by step instructions.

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Best Video Editing Software for YouTubers in 2020

You can learn this kind of thing at your own pace and learn at your speed! Some of the best programs I’ve used are the video editing software for Mac and PC.

These programs offer a lot of features and are extremely user friendly. The Mac programs are a little more user-friendly because they are designed with the Mac in mind but still very easy to use. And the PC programs are a bit more advanced, but yet very user friendly.

One of the biggest reasons I like to use video editing software is that they are usually incredibly affordable. Most of the programs can be found for under five dollars, which is excellent value for your dollar.

It’s important to realize that many free video editing software are available, but many aren’t worth using.

Some free programs offer nothing more than a tutorial that teaches you a few basic video editing things. And while it might be helpful to some, they won’t get the real experience from these programs.

The best way to find the video editing software worth your time is to take the time to look around at paid video editing programs. There are so many great paid programs out there that it’s hard to choose.

Remember that any video editing program you use should teach you some basic things about video editing.

Video Editing Software

But if you want to get into the nitty-gritty of editing, then you need to invest in some professional-grade paid video editing software. So if you haven’t tried video editing software yet, it’s high time you did.

I would recommend either Adobe Systems Creative Suite or Avid Digital’s Elements as the free video editing program to try out. Both programs have a lot of great features that will give you a professional-looking result.

If you’re going with Adobe, make sure you have a good copy of Photoshop installed on your computer. Once you have Photoshop, go ahead, and download all the software you can find.

Like I said above, the best free programs are the ones that have tutorials.

Which video editing program should a YouTuber choose?

Video Editing Software

If you’re looking for the most out of your Adobe video-editing software, start with Adobe After Effects. If you’re going with Avid Digital, I recommend Motion, Media, and Final Cut Pro. But if you can’t afford the full package, there are cheaper alternatives such as Sony Vegas or Corel.

The key to video editing is learning how to edit in the correct method. It would help if you learned how to edit in the proper technique.

Many beginners will be intimidated by this, but the trick is to learn by watching.

“The old school way, not the new-school way.”

Start by learning basic video editing techniques, practicing, and then mastering those basic video editing techniques. You’ll have a great time learning how to do it on your own.

1. Adobe Premier Pro

Adobe Premier Pro

If you are planning to use Adobe Premiere for your video editing needs, then you would definitely want to know about this program and what it has to offer.

Adobe Premiere is one of the most sought after video-editing applications in the market today and has gained much popularity amongst its users as well.

For many individuals who are looking for ways on how to edit their videos but cannot afford to go with expensive software, Adobe has made an affordable version of this application available online, which is called Adobe Premiere Elements.

Adobe Premiere Pro is an excellent video introductory tutorial that takes you step by step through the bare essentials of learning how to make your first video.

However, if you would like to further explore this program and understand all of the features available in the application, you will have to read through its user’s guide first. This will give you an idea of what exactly you can do with this software.

The program also comes with a video tutorial called the Video Effects Secrets, which will show you the simple process of creating professional looking transitions and fades. In fact, this program allows you to easily create multiple shifts, which is really useful in making your video very impressive.

Another great thing that you can do if you want to fully maximize the capabilities of Adobe Premiere is to take advantage of the video-editing tools included in the program. These tools can be handy when it comes to your editing needs.

The program has an in-built video editor, which is very easy to use and does not require too much knowledge. Other useful tools that you can make use of include effects, transitions, and titles.

You can even use these tools to create a unique style of video editing. By learning more about Adobe Premiere, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of using this powerful video editing program.

Platform: Windows and Mac
Key features: Multi-cam editing, 3D editing
Free trial: Yes
For: Professionals and enthusiasts

2. Final Cut X Pro

Final Cut Pro X

f you are someone who uses your Mac daily for work, you need to invest in a high quality video editing program like Final Cut Pro X.

The new Final Cut Pro X upgrade now allows you to edit your proxy footage from your Mac to any other compatible media devices, such as non-native files such as images, titles, or moving backgrounds, allowing you to quickly transfer a small portion of your proxy video onto another device, such as a television, computer monitor, or projector, then send it back to your primary computer for further editing. All without any extra effort on your part!

When you are ready to start editing, you will find the tools available in Final Cut Pro X to be ideal for creating high quality video for your projects.

This software is perfect for the beginning or intermediate level user, so whether you are editing for personal use or for business, you will be able to edit, cut, and manipulate your video content with ease and efficiency.

Platform: Mac
Key features: Muti-cam editing, intelligent colour balancing
Free trial: 90-day (limited time offer) 

3. Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere Elements Pro. Like other professional programs for editing, Adobe Premiere Elements comes in Mac or Windows versions.

If you are using a Mac, it is recommended that you get this program as it has advanced features and a user-friendly interface. And the good news is that unlike its “buffed up” version (premiere pro), it comes with an initial one-time payment.

This software works great for both beginners and professionals and will help you edit any type of video and in any format.

Plus, it has a variety of advanced features such as split cutting, time-code conversion, compression, and chroma keying.

The Mac version of Adobe Premiere comes with some additional benefits such as unlimited export, faster startup, high-definition video export, and other features that are not found in the Windows version.

If you use your computer for more than basic editing and creation, you may need the Mac version. But even if you use the Mac version, you should still get the Windows version if you are serious about editing and video creation.

Platform: Windows and Mac
Key features: Video stabilisation, face detection, automatic motion tracking
Free trial: Yes
For: Professionals and enthusiasts

4. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

For beginners and intermediate computer experts, Corel VideoStudio Ultimate is one of the best video editing software for YouTubers.

The program can handle many formats such as AVI, MJPEG, WMV, MPG, etc. suitable for those who record their videos with a webcam. It has various features that are helpful to people who want to make use of this software to create and manage their videos online.

Besides being one of the best high-definition video editing software for YouTubers, Corel Video Studio Ultimate has many other features.

You can easily change the video format to MP4, AVI, etc. which is why Corel Video Studio Ultimate is so popular among users of this software.

If you want to try out a good software for YouTubers, you can try out Corel Video Studio Ultimate.

if you are willing to buy it, you can choose between the Corel Basic and the Premium versions. If you have an old laptop computer and want to use it for your home-based business, you can try to download the Free version from the website.

It can be advantageous, especially if you’re going to edit and make video tutorials online for your clients or viewers.

Platform: Windows
Key features: Real-time effects, colour correction
Free trial: 30-day
Best for: Beginners

We have compiled four of the best video editing software you can use to become a good YouTuber. If you have any suggestions, please let us know in the comments.

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