The 9 Best Motion Video Capture Gadgets for Pro YouTubers

What is YouTuber?

What is YouTuber?

In addition to being the most time-spent social channel of today, YouTube has also become an industry in YouTuber content production.

As such, there are several devices made for YouTubers who want to stand out on YouTube to shoot the most moving videos.

Today’s most-followed video and social media platform is more popular and followed among the young audience than television. It is also the world’s most used searched site after Google and Facebook. We can also treat it as a search engine.

We can use the following definition for being YouTuber, or we can call it a strong job or hobby definition that reveals its own phenomena.

Well, what are the professional YouTuber devices, which devices are the best, we will tell them in this content.

Glide Gear POV 100 Video Camera DSLR POV Helmet


Glide Gear POV 100 is a professional helmet rig that allows filmmakers to shoot immersive POV content with professional DSLR cameras.

Adjust your camera for exposure, set your lens focus, mount your camera to the helmet, and starting moving! The rugged and durable high impact-resistant plastic helmet is equipped with 2 side mounting plates and one top plate for accessory mounting with female 1/4 20 threaded holes.

It is indeed the perfect companion for Pro YouTubers.

Glide Gear SNC100 Video Camera Snorricam 3rd Person DSLR Vest


Glide Gear SNC 100 is a body mount rig that creates camera moves inspired by the natural movement of the subject being filmed.

The SNC 100 presents a dynamic perspective allowing for immersive first person POV shots or shots that capture the actor statically moving around in a scene-creating a surreal sense of floating.

The body mount pole’s unique 3 point ball head adjustment design allows for endless angle possibilities with ease. Attach the body harness, mount your camera, and adjust your angle to frame your shot. The body harness can be worn with or without straps and oriented in front, behind on to the actor’s side.

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Flycam 5000


FLYCAM is a Steadicam stabilization system that eliminates the stress and capture fluid on- screen camera shots with unsurpassed comfort.

It will not only provide you stable Handheld stabilizer motions; moreover, it improves your shots with better performance. CNC machined Comfort Arm is a high-quality build, lighter in weight, and durable. The spring and bearing mechanism allow you to take smooth as silk gliding shots with your video stabilizer. The 13/19/22mm convertible adapter on the arm provides a precision fit to the Stabilizer’s handle.



Unfortunately, although it is a very useful device for Pro YouTubers, it is currently not available due to COVID-19.



The Evolution Smartphone Video Rig System can simultaneously carry several phones and/or compact cameras together with a plurality of accessories like external lights, microphones, extra monitors, and optics like lenses, filters, and others. And with all the items mounted on it – the Rig will keep the extraordinary weight balance.

It can be conveniently handheld, mounted on a tripod, or securely attached with extra connection means to almost any surfaces and objects indoor and outdoor.

It can be fixed on a bike, inside/outside a car, yacht, or anywhere you need the camera to be placed, but for that, additional accessories and products from DREAMGRIP or other suppliers may be needed.

The Evolution PRO set has the best unbeatable P/Q ratio if one will compare it with any alternative solutions on the market worldwide.

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PROAIM Curve-180°


It’s time to change the shooting style with straight camera sliders. Proaim launches a camera slider with a curve!

Curve-180 Curved Camera Slider with Motion Control System is a must-have in your toolbox and gives your shot compositions a jump start.

Fully featured video slider with heavy-anodized aluminum construction and super-smooth glide rail gives you the ability to create high-quality production shots without over-extending your budget. It attaches directly to a tripod and may also use stand-alone with the included adjustable & removable feet.

When added to the slider, the compact Motion Control system lets you create dynamic sequences with fluid motorized slides.

Its Precision motor produces smooth, incremental movements and works with most DSLR, Mirrorless, and digital cinema cameras up to 5kg.

SVS 3rd-Person-View Mount


The 3rd Person View camera mount is a unique camera mount to film yourself in action. The system is designed to be flexible but stable enough so you can mount a camera behind your back to create the impossible 3rd person perspective.

He finds a place in the top three among a YouTuber’s best helpers.

FLYCAM Redking Quick Balancing Video Camera Stabilizer


Flycam introduces RedKing handheld DSLR video camera stabilizer with tremendous features that move freely with your camera and easily shoot in different orientations. Stabilizer for camera includes a sliding dovetail quick release plate that offers quick mounting and dismounting of your camera.

9- MACTREM Professional Camera Tripod with Phone Mount, 62″


If you are looking for a lightweight, affordable and durable tripod, the Mactrem Professional Camera Tripod is for you. He formally challenges powerful and expensive rivals competing in the same category as him.
Briefly, the kind that might interest a beginner YouTuber.

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